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How to safeguard against fraudsters while buying property?
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  • License Verification
    Ensure the real estate agency and realtor are licensed to operate in Dubai, ensuring their credibility.
  • Reputation Assessment
    Investigate the agency and realtor's reputation through reviews and recommendations from past clients.
  • Prepayment Caution
    Avoid paying large amounts upfront. Payments should coincide with the completion of specific transaction phases.
  • Document Scrutiny
    Thoroughly review all legal documents associated with the property before purchase
  • Price Comparison
    Be cautious of properties offered at significantly lower prices, as it could be a fraud indicator.
  • Property History Check
    Learn about the property's ownership and sale history to avoid properties with potential issues.
  • Contract Signing
    Execute an official property purchase contract where all terms and conditions are explicitly outlined.
  • Professional Collaboration
    Engage specialists to provide advice and assistance throughout the property buying process.
What makes the Independent company different from other real estate agencies?
Or why is it best for you to buy property through us?

1. Integrity is central to our work.
We prioritize quality over profit. We'll never promote a property solely because it offers a higher commission. Our focus is on providing top-quality service rather than maximizing profit, setting us apart from many other agencies.

2. We bring experience and knowledge to property selection
Many real estate agencies hire inexperienced staff who may only recommend the most popular properties. However, our team, led by our founder Alexey with 13 years of experience in the Dubai market, is comprised of highly qualified experts. Our specialists, who also work in the management company, understand the returns a property can offer due to their hands-on experience. This unique combination of real estate and management experience is something 99% of agencies lack.

3. Experience in Dubai
It's said you need about 10,000 hours, or roughly 10 years, to truly master a field. Many real estate agencies in Dubai have cropped up in just the last 3-4 years, often focused more on capitalizing from a growing market rather than creating a solid product. We're proud to say that our product is built on Alexey's 13 years of experience.

4. Narrow Specialization
Unlike many agencies, we don't deal in residential real estate. Our focus is solely on investment real estate, which allows us to provide a higher level of expertise. Many agents will sell whatever the client wants, whether it's a lifelong home one day or an investment property the next. We believe in a deep understanding of figures and analytics.

5. Management Company
We stand out as the only real estate agency with a management company. This guarantees returns for our clients and allows them to be worry-free when it comes to renting out their property.

6. Assured Return
We provide a contractually guaranteed return, signifying our commitment and shared risk.

7. A Multifaceted Group of Companies
We offer a full suite of services for individuals planning a vacation or considering a move to Dubai. Consider us your reliable concierge service.

8. Quality and Service
We're committed to the highest standards of quality. Unlike 99% of real estate agencies, we have a dedicated quality control department overseeing all processes.

9. Highly Recommended by 90% of Clients
Our company is more than just a business; it's a lifelong project for our owners. That's why all their passion and time is fully invested here.
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