Get a guaranteed 9% annual passive income by investing in ready-to-move real estate in Dubai
For 13 years, we have been helping foreign investors with secure investments


Has changed the Dubai real estate market and created a service where every investor gets high and guaranteed returns

We guarantee you a 9% income!

We are the only agency that offers an income guarantee to all our investors!

Kir Tkachuk


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— Is a company that deals with investment real estate and property management. They have been operating in the Dubai market for 13 years


Positive reviews from investors


We specialize in investing in ready to move real estate and managing it


We guarantee a 9% return on a 3-year contract


Exclusive off-market deals

10 years

We use a 10-year technology to select the best offers on the market


We provide assistance with purchasing, visa processing, business setup, opening a bank account in Dubai, and much more based on your requests!

We know what real estate investors need and the challenges they face
Would you like to earn a 9% annual passive income by investing in real estate?
Do you want to minimize the risk associated with investing in a single country?
Are you tired of dealing with high taxes?
Maybe you've encountered unreliable real estate agents before and now find it hard to trust real estate agents who promise significant profits
Investing in real estate overseas can be a complex endeavor - while everyone claims to offer substantial profits, no one can guarantee them, leaving you to bear all the risks
Are you searching for a reliable partner in another country?
Why are investments in ready-made Class "C" real estate in Dubai
And renting it out the best investment strategy in the world for the next 10 years?
Dubai is the №1 investment hub in the world for the next 10 years
  • Real estate market
    The real estate market in Dubai is the fastest growing in the world
  • Income
    The highest return on investment in real estate worldwide
  • Economy
    Safe and growing economy in the UAE
  • Political
    Stable political situation
  • Prices
    Real estate prices are the lowest compared to top metropolises in the world
  • Taxes
    Zero percent taxes
  • Security
    The government's policy is aimed at creating secure legislation for foreign investors
Which is better, under construction or ready move class C?

— Investments it's always about numbers. So let's focus on the facts and figures instead of flashy presentations and empty claims.

Let's crunch the numbers and see what they tell us.

The rental real estate market is categorized into different classes: "A", "B", "C", and "D".


However, in the Emirates, there is no "D" class as individuals who violate regulations are promptly deported.


During a crisis, there is a shift from the "A" class to "B", from "B" to "C", and individuals in the "C" class tend to leave the country. This is why our initial focus is on the "C" class, which has the highest demand.

Currently, it is in demand and will continue to be so. As the market expands, people will move in and settle, and during a crisis, people will relocate.

In simple terms, our strategy is based on the fact that high-quality residential areas contribute to 90% occupancy according to this logic

Even if you have chosen a good under construction property, it will only yield the promised returns if the market remains the same as at the time of purchase. However, no one in the world can know the future, let alone guarantee that everything will be the same as it is now, even in a month.

Therefore, we follow a safe investment strategy that ensures returns even during times of crisis

We offer a 3-year guarantee of profitability for good reason. We have carefully calculated everything and have witnessed the fluctuations in Dubai. We are confident that our investment strategy has proven its resilience over time.

For clarity, let's compare under construction properties with our ready studios of class "C"

Comparing under construction, which grows by 30% in 2 years, and a ready studio apartment that yields 9% from rent and grows by 5% per year. The cost is the same - $200,000.

Recent examples of Russia's war with Ukraine, Palestine's war with Israel, and the situation with the coronavirus all remind us that the future is unpredictable.


Big differencе?
And now?
That's why all our investors follow our strategy and steadily increase their capital without a gray hair.

Be among them
Independent will become a reliable partner for your family for decades
Providing passive income in good and bad times
Financial security and peace of mind for the future of your family is our goal
Founder of Independent
Kirill Tkachuk
Independent Investment Strategy
— The best and most profitable choice in Dubai

Happiness and freedom

You bought several ready to move apartments in Class "C"

You handed them over to our company for management, with a guaranteed 9% return for 3 years

After 15 days, you received the first payment

You were very happy with our company's service

You have been earning passive income for 6 months

Unable to wait any longer, you decide to buy more apartments

The same thing happens again after six months

You wake up in 2026, now owning several dozen apartments

You have secured yourself and your family with lifelong passive income

You and your family have achieved financial freedom

Our services
«Passive income of 9% per year»
We choose profitable real estate for you and handle the rental management

✅ Assured annual return of 9%
✅ Property prices increase by 5% annually
«Vacation home with 6% yearly earnings»
For those who want to enjoy life in Dubai at any time and rent out their apartment while they are away

We will find a ready apartment for you with a beautiful sea view and take care of renting it out during your free time

✅ Guaranteed 6% yearly earnings
✅ Annual price increase of 5% per year
«Property management with guaranteed income»
After purchasing the apartment, we will manage it under a contract for 3 or more years

Our management services include:
✅ Finding clients
✅ Check-in/check-out
✅ Cleaning
✅ Payment of utility bills
✅ Payment for property management

Our company covers all management expenses!

By now, you know how we operate, and we understand what you want

You're interested in seeing the properties we have, but it's worth mentioning that diamonds aren't easily found. They require searching

Kirill Tkachuk

Founder of Independent


This is an investment portfolio Independent

Every day, our team of product experts, led by our founder Kirill Tkachuk, who has 13 years of experience, searches for the best properties in Dubai

These properties offer a rental income of 9% and an annual growth in value of 5%

They are a secure investment option for our investors, with a long-term commitment of 10-20-30 years.

It is time to explore the true treasure

If you confront the truth directly and dismiss Eastern tales, you'll find that 99% of Dubai's real estate fails to meet these standards

This is precisely why all Dubai real estate agencies are pursuing this portfolio. And the best part is, you can obtain it completely free of charge through a Zoom call

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