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Sobha 1
$434,100 — $3,165,500
  • Property types:
    1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom,
    4 bedroom, duplex
  • Two-Year Price Appreciation:
  • District:

    Sobha Hartland 2

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  • Completion date:
    Q2 2026

About district
  • District
    Sobha Hartland 2
Sobha Hartland II is a testament to the phenomenal success of Sobha Hartland. It’s a new luxury residential waterfront community of 8 million sq. ft. abounding with lush green spaces, community gardens, and many amenities to support a sustainable lifestyle. It brings forth a beautiful blend of an opulent and sustainable waterfront lifestyle and surrounds the city’s best malls, business districts, and hotspots.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of blue lagoons and beachfront amidst the buzz of a bustling city, chase the sunset as you take a jog along the boardwalk, and stroll down the blue lagoons. Life at Sobha Hartland II embodies an exultant sense of connection in a close-knit community and superior quality homes crafted for the discerning eye.

Sobha Hartland II is surrounded by lush greenery, offering residents access to beautiful parks and gardens spanning an expansive one million square feet. In this neighborhood, dwellers can stroll along well-maintained green alleys and visit cozy spots in public gardens.

Sobha Hartland II combines modern skyscrapers with luxurious villas, creating a unique architectural landscape. The high-rise buildings offer impressive city views, while the villas provide privacy and comfort for the inhabitants.

About developer


Sobha Realty is an international luxury property developer committed to redefining the art of living through sustainable communities. Established in 1976 as an interior decoration firm in Oman by Pnc Menon – a visionary entrepreneur, the company has grown its presence with developments and investments in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Brunei and India.

Over the last four decades, Sobha Realty has also redefined the real estate value chain by leveraging its inherent in-house capabilities of conceptualisation, design and development. Sobha Realty is currently developing sobha hartland , a luxurious freehold community spread across eight million square feet in the heart of dubai, as part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum City master development.

Sobha Group aspires to become the most trusted and respected real estate organisation both regionally and globally.

By pioneering innovative global projects and transforming perceptions of quality, we work to challenge existing norms and standards to ultimately enrich communities and even society at large.

About building
About Sobha 1
Sobha One - a sophisticated tapestry spread across the skyline with five interlinked towers. Rising from 30 stories tall and hitting a crescendo of 65 stories, this residential development lies near the Ras Al Khor Road overlooking Dubai Creek with panoramic views of the Burj Khalifa, Creek Tower to the northeast, and Downtown to the west.

Sobha One, consisting of Towers A–E, will become a perfect home for families with children, as well as single professionals and couples. There is no doubt that the project will become one of the most in-demand addresses within the emirate of Dubai once completed. This can be explained by its thoughtful layouts, as well as a great number of amenities and social infrastructure objects, located right on the territory of the development.

Sobha One will span across 1,500,000 sq. ft and provide endless amenities which will be appreciated by residents of any age. Among the key offerings those can consider are:
Features / Amenities
  • Parking facility
  • BBQ area
  • Running track
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Sky gardens & terraces
  • Children’s playground
  • Four interconnected courtyards

Floor Plans
1,5 bedroom / 708 sqf t— 1199 sqft
$434,100 — $685,600
1 bedroom / 734 sqft — 960 sqft
$459,500 — $601,700
2 bedroom / 1014 sqft — 1891 sqft
$565,700 — $1,150,400
3 bedroom / 1881 sqft — 3173 sqft
$1,083,000 — $1,764,100
4 bedroom / 2225 sqft — 2562 sqft
$1,239,900 — $1,520,800
Duplex 4 bedroom / 2990 sqft — 3351 sqft
$1,821,600 — $2,189,800
Duplex 5 bedroom / 3725 sqft — 4844 sqft
$2,434,500 — $3,165,500

Process of purchasing
Process of purchasing property
Step №1
We identify a suitable property that meets your needs and has promising potential for appreciation.
Step №2
We confirm the property's availability with the developer, keeping in mind that properties in Dubai can be snapped up quickly.
Step №3
Our team verifies the escrow accounts and the project card via the Dubai Land Department website.
Step №4
You place an Expression of Interest (refundable) or a Deposit (non-refundable) - 2-5% to provisionally reserve the property under your name. This deposit is paid into the developer's bank account.
Step №5
We complete and sign the Booking Form online.
Step №6
You transfer the remaining part of the initial payment (10-20%) within 1-2 weeks. This payment is also made to the developer's bank account.
Step №7
We handle the payment of the Dubai Land Department (DLD) fee, which amounts to 4% of the property value.
Step №8
You cover additional fees: the administration fee (580 AED) and OQOOD - temporary ownership certificate (2,100 AED for sale price below 500k - 4,200 AED for sale price above 500k).
Step №9
We sign the main Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) either remotely, at the developer's office, or via post. This typically occurs within 1-2 months.

Example of the agreement
Step №10
You continue with the remaining payments, which are made to the project's escrow account, until the handover or key collection.
Step №11
Upon completion of the full payment, you will receive the Title Deed - the ownership certificate (250 AED) and then proceed to take over the property and collect the keys.

Title Deed
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