Kirill Tkachuk
Life and career story Kirill Tkachuk
March 2024
Co-owner and Managing Partner of Masterpiece Properties, an international investment real estate agency and management company
New York
When I was 12 years old, I realized
That I could change the trajectory of my life
With diagnoses and complete inhibitions from doctors and parents - I took up boxing and healed myself
2009 years
Odessa, Ukraine
I, the only one of all children, gave up all the benefits of family and conditions and decided to go my own way
At 18, I chose my life trajectory
Doing results where you have no experience but feel you can
Living in a wealthy family $ millionaire businessmen, judges, doctors
Made all documents retroactively in 2 weeks without sleep
Took charge and protected a hotel, restaurant from labor, fire inspection and a large fine
2015 years
Work as
a Lawyer
Odessa, Ukraine
But I formed a goal
I decided to go to Moscow
Goal — to gain skills and experience
And there I received the refusal of Oscar Hartman, Igor Rybakov, Dmitry Portnyagin to take me to them as an assistant
— To create an international billion-dollar company in New York
And I saw the trend of Internet marketing and realized that here is an opportunity to work with America remotely
In Moscow I realized that I was driven by the desire for a bright and interesting life in the realization of my purpose
2018 years
moscow, russia
With zero experience,
I get a job at a marketing agency
As a project manager, where I make x4 revenue and profit in 4 months
I move back to Odessa and
2018 years
Odessa, Ukraine
Then I leave and open my own marketing agency
I set a goal of working with
$1 million clients
For individuals and legal entities Turnover company Solars $4 million+
In 4 months I built marketing and sales department:
Month $180,000
Month $300,000
After working with small businesses and micro budgets of $500
They have a request for a complex: systematize the sales department and internet marketing.
Point A
Point B
+ 33% revenue
Solars company
2020 years
Odessa, Ukraine
I come to the market leader in the niche of selling solar stations
If i feel that I can — then I can
And my goal is to find American clients
$12 million sales in year source my ads
Realized about myself, thanks to these experiences, that
Learned how to make sales in the American market and got a good understanding of marketing and sales department
Even if I have zero knowledge and resources
Month $500,000- $600,0000
Month $1.1 million-
$1.2 million
Point A
Point B
12 months = 
2x growth
Crystal Glass company
Don't want to waste time
2021 years
Odessa, Ukraine
Scaled a USA construction company — Crystal Glass
Got closer to my business in New York City
Odessa — the first days of the war
Kirill is willing
would do anything for a dream
The higher the stress and danger,
the calmer I am, the quicker I make the right decisions, the bolder and more adaptive,
the more reliable and responsible I am
— They closed the border for men
But at that moment America opened its borders for Ukrainians, letting everyone in without a visa
I take the risk that if they catch me at the border, to go to the front
Took charge of 3 girls and took them out of the country
Under shelling, deadly crush, protecting them from looting and extortion
Being overly emotional and infantile in those years
I traveled around the border in 5 days, slept in a field in the cold, my health is failing me
In 2 weeks in Romania, I make $20,000 from scratch and move to New York
Through this experience, I've learned that
2022 years
Odessa, Ukraine
2022 years
I learned that Kirill is a fish
out of water in a critical situation
But I won't be able to leave on my own
— And that was my chance
But I crossed the border with 10 attempts
Severe stress and emigration
But I rebuild the business for the American market
Grateful for the experience, it's how steel is tempered and wisdom emerges
A 5-year relationship is falling apart
My health is failing
I'm in New York, just like I dreamed, it's time to do big business
Most of my family rejects me because I left
2022 years
New York
And make $15,000 a month
Choosing a business theme
I didn't know how to build a relationship
with Gennady
Multi-billion dollar market
Our agreement: me 15% of the commission
Built effective marketing in 4 months, we did:
Seeing out performance, I realize I'll make $100,000 in December, but...
I'm 100% wrong here
From Gennady and his sales team:
From me:
With the goal of partnering with him
Large check and margin
Preferably without manufacturing
I remember Oleg Torbosov and want to copy Whitewill
Leads on luxury real estate from $1 million from advertising
Advertising budget and $3000/month for designer/targetologist salaries
Invested $9000
Started having problems with the sales team, it turned out 90% of them don't know how
to sell to leads from ads
I was afraid of my partner
and the difference in age and experience put pressure on me
P.S. After 9 months I grew up mentally, I apologized and now we are in a good relationship, he is my mentor
I hung the fatherly role on him And I couldn't solve the situation normally and we broke up with a scandal
118 qualified leads (with budgets starting at $1.5M)
2 sales of $3.2M
$120,000 in revenue
2022 years
New York
Partnering with Gennady
Choosing the #1 broker in Manhattan among Russian-speakers
With no experience in the niche
— Sales are stalling
An interesting period is beginning
Axe Partners
$3,000 in your pocket
Unscheduled eviction from housing
0 sources of income
Paychecks due in a month
The girl at home is nagging
marketing agency
2022 years
New York
But they had no chance not to buy
I have to do business
for a month in December
Reached $50,000 per month in 4 months
30 days: from 4am to 10pm I sell
+ I attract a partner for realization
Money only advertising budget + for bus + 1 coffee + food 1 chicken leg per day
An international marketing agency for real estate agents and developers, in December 2022
I decided to make a marketing agency
for real estate agencies
Closing the business
Closing the business
2023 years
New York
And I see an opportunity
— I don't want to sell a product that is not honest
I'm grateful for the experience, I've learned a lot
I sell 100% of the time
Having held 400+ zoom meetings
With agencies and developers from

11 countries around the world — I make
a great castdev and understand the market
Axe Investments, an international real estate agency for Americans
Problems start in producing the service and I hire a sales director with 10 years experience in real estate
Taking 100% responsibility to my clients for $120,000
I write off my partner's debts, because I got him involved
My principle: the reason is in me
— I took the partner and the director
Where we can't do what we promise
I open a second business:
There are countries with higher yields than the US, and real estate agencies are dinosaurs
The director also fails
Reason: they can't handle the burden of responsibility and stress
I've talked to everyone honestly and agreed to pay them back from the new business
We're still friends
And I'm moving on
Junior partner can't handle it
Honest and decent
Solid product
8% return guarantee
2 months
2023 years
New York
Partnering with Alex
and investing $150,000
And that's when the company started to take shape...
I'm setting a new goal
— To find a partner with a solid product in investment real estate and the right values with $150,000 investment
Cutting off all sources of income to focus
$5000 salary: in New York, that's like a janitor's salary and the same standard of living
And build a company to sell overseas investment real estate to Americans
All the money is in future dividends
The purpose
of the story is for you
to understand me
I possess the qualities that are the foundation of a billion dollar company founder’s personality
I have formed as a person and understood myself and my values
I am grateful to God for this journey and all the lessons I have learned
Hiring (line)
Hiring of executives
(why added it, there are definitely issues there, for if everything was ok, there would be results already)
Kirill Tkachuk
Life and career story Kirill Tkachuk